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Overcoming Adversity Course and What to Expect

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Learn To Heal

Without healing, true happiness will never be found. The Overcoming Adversity course dives deeper into the process of healing and provides ways to put your thoughts and actions first.

Achievable Transformation

Goals are more than how you see yourself. Goals are the journey, the map, and the destination. Taking the time to reimagine your goals is crucial to defining who you want to be. The Overcoming Adversity course includes ways to visualize your future and how to craft your own journey.


From a life-changing car accident to sharing her personal story of gradient shades of pain on the TEDTALK stage. Suzan is someone who understands the struggle. Watch her TEDTalk here:
I often hear this questions… ‘What do I do now?’. I have found that myself and many others have asked themselves this very question after experiencing some type of adversity in their life. This course was thoughtfully designed to help with that. It gives you real life practices you can do today to start overcoming that adverse situation in your life.
Patrick Hubbard, Course Builder & Digital Artist

Finding your best self is a journey, and all journeys need a map. This course provides real life explanations of emotions that are hard to express. I truly believe that saying yes to this course is saying yes to building your own road map. Suzan’s experiences lay the foundation and give you the tools to build your own journey and steps towards living a life of positivity and gratitude.
Cassie Silva, Course Builder

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