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Why we do what we do.

The greatest purpose an organization can have is helping others achieve self-actualization. At Be Better Life, our purpose is to provide the tools, resources, and community to find a pathway to this type of self-love and acceptance. The information here was carefully constructed by Suzan Nguyen’s 20+ years of learning how to emotionally confront your pain and channel it into a positive light forward. Whether you are searching for ways to confront, embrace, and accept trauma or simply searching for a community of positivity and guidance, Be Better Life is your next home.


Suzan Nguyen

Suzan Nguyen is a Life Coach helping people overcome adversity, TEDx speaker, and author of ‘One Arm But Not Unarmed’. At the age of 22, Suzan experienced a life-altering event after a traumatic car accident which resulted in the loss of her right arm. After experiencing depression, hopelessness, and bitterness, Suzan re-learned how to live life and coach herself out of her dark place. Using her story, she inspires others to create joy from within and be better, not bitter. She is the “Chief Happiness Encouragement Officer” for her company BBNB Coaching (be better, not bitter) and has helped thousands to overcome adversity.

Patrick Hubbard

Digital artist and online education design specialist, Patrick Hubbard has a wealth of experience in developing educational content that is engaging and effective. Patrick has a life-long passion for helping others. Patrick is a member of the non-profit group Be Better Group.

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