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Be Better Life provides ongoing support and is here to answer any questions you may have. Please send inquiries to [email protected]. This email address can also be used to submit your results for the course’s 21 day challenge and keep the Be Better Life team up to date with your progress!  

Frequently Asked Questions

If a question is not answered below, please email us @ [email protected].

Is this a substitute for therapy?

Finding your best self means using all of your avenues of healing. Be Better Life will provide online educational resources but is not a substitute for professional services from a licensed therapist.

Is the coursework refundable?

Access to the coursework also includes access to a platform with a multitude of resources that are continuously updated. Once the coursework is purchased, this payment cannot be refunded.

How long is my access?

Access to the coursework and platform includes a lifetime subscription. One payment includes permanent access to the course, documents, and future resources added.

Will I have access to future content?

The purchase of the coursework includes lifetime access to the platform, future content, life skills advice, and motivational resources.

Where is my course?

Begin your course by logging into by clicking the “Log in” button.This will bring you to the account screen. The first tab available is your profile information. Find the tab that says “Courses” and then navigate to the link for the course.  

Is there future content coming?

We are committed to evolving this platform and the content in it. Please feel free to provide any feedback on how we can improve this site and it’s experience.

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